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Synergie Skin

“Synergie Skin is an Australian made and owned cosmeceutical company dedicated to the long-term health and vitality of your skin. Harnessing the power of clean science, Synergie Skin produces ethical and effective products enabling you to feel confident in your skin at every age.

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Synergie Minerals

Synergie Minerals® cosmeceutical mineral makeup, formulated to benefit your skin. With high-grade zinc oxide and titanium dioxide minerals it offers superior quality, broad-spectrum UV and Infrared sun protection for all skin exposed to the environment. The make-up covers protective and flawless foundations, active lip-glosses, hydrating blushes and bronzers, post-operative concealers and gentle, natural mascara for the lashes.

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Éminence Organics

Biodynamic Éminence Organic Skin Care products originate from a balanced, holistic view of the universe, Biodynamic® farming practices regard the farm, the plants and the animals as a self-supporting ecosystem that lives and breathes. It renders fruits and herbs that are unusually high in nutrients and active compounds then harnesses these potent ingredients into a collection of products that are the ultimate in pureness and results-driven skin care.

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The name ishga is derived from the Gaelic word for water.  The Western Isles have some of the cleanest waters in the world where they sustainably hand harvest the seaweed to produce 100% organic ingredients for the skincare range. Scientific tests have shown that Hebridean seaweed contains natural anti-oxidants that have anti-ageing properties which help protect the skin.

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If you are looking for a gift for someone special or just something to enjoy for yourself we have additional products such as organic and vegan soaps, deodorants and candles made out of soy and beeswax. For a complete overview of what we offer please contact us.

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Art, Beauty..

Beauty is described as a quality or an experience (of a person, place, object, sound or knowledge) which induces a pleasant response and an experience of confirmation, meaning, or completeness. Art and beauty are closely intertwined. At ArteBella we offer a small selection of beautifully handcrafted pieces of art. Please contact us for a complete overview.

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