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Listening to the silence and the sounds and noises of the countryside covered by the wind and illuminated by the sun, we invite and welcome our clients for a rejuvenating experience. Whatever the skincare wishes are of our clients, minimal or more extended we will put together a customized treatment plan to obtain the desired results. ArteBella offers holistic organic treatments and products as well as scientifically advanced safe technologies and products from our line of cosmeceuticals. All our equipment and products are well researched and tested and based on the latest technologies and research in the field of aesthetics. We work with a team of professionals to guide our clients with a personal treatment plan and obtain the desired results. Whether you have a specific skin condition you wish to treat or maintain a healthy skin and body we help guide you with the appropriate treatment plan and provider such as skin therapist, medical doctor and or surgeon, for a beautiful and natural result.

Facial Treatment

It is a given that we have to take care of skin, the largest organ of our body. It is however important to do this in such a way it does not damage, irritate or even accelerate the skin ageing process. Good skincare is the foundation for a healthy and glowing complexion.  Our medical skincare treatments and products which we have selected cleanse, stimulate and protect your skin. If you have a specific skin condition we offer treatments and products to improve and correct these concerns effectively and safely.  ArteBella has more than 25 years experience in medical skincare and has selected the appropriate products and treatments to achieve a safe and optimal result.

The Best Products

Many skin conditions are often created by ourselves by damaging our skin or our general health. The most important function of our skin is that it creates a barrier between our body and the outer world. Wrong ingredients in cosmetics is often the culprit and main cause of the skin condition. Stress, a wrong diet, or general health issues can be an important factor in creating skin related problems. ArteBella’s assortment consists only out of products that are based on clean science technology. 36% of the products that you apply on your skin enter the bloodstream. That is significant if you use products which contain harmful ingredients. The products at ArteBella are free from mineral oil, silicones, parabens and other damaging conservatives and synthetic fragrances and coloring agents.


Come and enjoy the peace at our location which is at the Archem estate, nature preserve and surrounded by the forest of both Archem and Lemelerberg.  ArteBella is the perfect location to escape the hectic schedule of your daily demands and you can enjoy a treatment in complete privacy. Body and mind are able to relax completely and will achieve balance. Whether you come for a specific problem with your skin problem or a more therapeutic classic facial you will leave ArteBella with  an improved skin and a rejuvenated sense of being.


I choose Anita because of her experience and skills, but most importantly, because of her personalized touches. For over 20 years, Anita has worked in a high-demand plastic surgery clinic in the U.S. where she performed dozens of complicated skincare treatments every day. That’s why I think she has probably more experience than most medical spas or doctors who perform only a few treatments every day. Her skills and knowledge are unparalleled, having worked in a busy sought-after medical environment in the U.S. But what really sets her apart is her client-care. While doctors with skills and knowledge can be found elsewhere, it’s not easy to find someone who actually cares about each client and looks after them long after treatments. I have known Anita since I was in my early 20s when I visited her at a plastic surgery clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona. Now in my mid- (actually late) forties, I still call Anita even when I have a slight question about my skincare. She always takes her time to carefully assess my condition and then give me an effective suggestion on what and how to handle it. This isn’t easy given that Anita and I usually live in different countries. When we first met, I lived in Tokyo and Anita in Arizona. She couldn’t look at my skin in person all the time, but I would describe her my problems. Then she’d suggest a natural remedy that I can find locally or sometimes send me products to help alleviate it. So she wasn’t merely consulting me to push and sell me her products or treatments, but because she sincerely cared about helping me with my skin problems. Over the twenty-some years, my skin problems have evolved from acne and breakouts to fine lines and sun damages. My life has also changed – from being a carefree college student to a professional and a mother. Anita takes all of these life circumstances into consideration, too, when she suggests my skincare regimen. She doesn’t just treat you in one zap and let you go. She will stay in contact with you to make sure that your post-treatment process is smooth and stress-free. She takes a truly holistic approach in this sense. I don’t know of any other dermatologists who would take the time to do that. Anita’s treatment environment is another sign of her personal touches. A visit to Anita doesn’t feel like the cold sterile clinical office but has the warmth of a high-end spa. The treatment rooms are equipped with the latest machines and clean, hygienic amenities but also furnished like a tranquil spa with plush linens, dimmed lights, and serene music to help you relax and soothe. All of this is why I choose Anita. It’s rare to find someone who can offer you this combination – the skills, the experience the tranquil environment and the caring touches she provides before, during, and after the treatments. I highly recommend Anita, and I wouldn’t go elsewhere.

Kiki O, Switzerland

"Anita Rullens is the ultimate professional; she approaches skin care with a healthcare provider attitude and delivers treatments with the ultimate service industry aplomb. Her skin needs evaluations are always on target; she creates an individualized treatment that encompasses health, beauty and life style changes. Her delivery is supporting and enchanting in the same time. Her problem solving is meticulous and she makes you feel like you are her best friend and the most important person in the world. Her sensitive nature and exquisite sense of beauty nurtures both the physical and psychological well-being. Love her and her way of caring for her clients. "

Cristina Sadowski, MD
Physician, Baltimore USA

For my entire life I have had "puppy eyes". There is nothing wrong with puppies (in fact I adore them), but I mean the puppy-eyes of droopy eyelids, and not those attractive almond shape ones. For a long time it did not bother me to have those puppy eyes with droopy eyelids, because it was me, and part of me. When I turned 50 last year I thought "I need to do something about this". The thought of a surgical procedure had me already in a panic so that I concluded, "never mind and leave it as is". It did not bother me that much to go under the knife. Why cut in a healthy body? There were enough arguments not to do it. Therefore it was for me no longer a point of consideration. Then I heard about ArteBella in the beautiful location of Archem (between Hellendoorn and Ommen), (coincidentally a stone throw away from Henri's parent's home). Then I started to entertain again the idea of dong something about it. Anita Rullens makes use of the newest technology with Plasma light and treats effectively eyelids, wrinkles, and other skin lesions or imperfections. No surgical procedure, because there is no skin incision made. In addition she has more than 20 years experience in a state-of-the-art and advanced aesthetic plastic surgery clinic. She is down to earth and has a lot of patience, which is very important with someone like me who cannot sit still. Anita also performs massages, microneedling, peels, or 'general' skincare. Anita is truly a skin guru! I already saw an improvement after one week. I will always have my puppy eyes, however, they are much tighter (without me having the look of Connie Breukhoven)

Gerdien G, The Netherlands
ArteBella client

During the last 10 years I have been having skin problems, a "puzzle" for the dermatologists and also after visiting private skin care clinics I was told they could not help me further. My skin issues were sometimes so severe that I was not comfortable leaving my home. I had a cabinet full of products, that i was promised would heal and improve my skin, but unfortunately... In a last attempt I was researching products that were not chemical but more in tune with nature. I found ArteBella where Anita during the first consultation just like "all others" promised improvement. Anita seemed very enthousiastic about her products, but for me it felt as the "so maniest product". Anita noticed this immediately and she did not insist on purchasing any products and offered samples instead to try. I am now 5 months further and my skin has improved drastically (already!). I can say that Synergie Skin improved my skin. Even make-up is no longer a problem, as a results of the mineral make-up. After all expensive products which deteriorated my skin I now have finally found affordable skincare products and make-up which improve my skin, thanks to the outstanding, expert guidance of Anita.

Daniëlle W, The Netherlands
ArteBella client

"My headaches started a few years ago. I was having daily problems with severe headaches which made it difficult to be able to perform routine tasks, or function normally. Ibuprofen (multiple dosis a day) helped to alleviate the symptoms somewhat but it did not resolve the symptoms. Also physical therapy did not help. In April I went to ArteBella and explained what my complaints were. Anita applied several massage techniques. After just one treatment there was a significant improvement. 14 days later I received a second treatment after which the pain completely disappeared and has not returned. I am now almost one year symptom free.

Rudie K, The Netherlands
ArteBella client

I underwent an eyelid procedure at ArteBella. When it was healed after 5 days (no more crusts) a world opened up for me. I could read books again and watch TV. When I looked in the mirror I even felt a bit teary from happiness. I also used the products for almost a year and you can see clearly a difference in my skin. Anita takes all the time to explain and advise and is very knowledgeable. I am very happy with the results and I definitely give my recommendation. Thank you Anita.

Ineke K, The Netherlands
ArteBella client

"Anita is a highly motivated, knowledgable and compelling skin care professiona! Her high level of success speaks for these attributes"

Valerie Madonia
Board Of Directors at Palm Arts, Ballet Teacher, Artistic Director Telluride Ballet Workshop

There is a diamond sitting in Lemele, NL if you are a person looking for a Top Notch aesthetician anywhere in the Netherlands. My advice......Run and see her. Anita is the most fantastic skin care professional that you could ever dream for. Her work in the United States was superior and she has taken that talent back to her roots. Her skill and passion are off the charts and you will get the best treatments ever. If you go once, I promise you, you will not only get educated you will walk out feeling, revitalized and your skin will be the best it has ever looked. If you want thorough, thoughtful, professional skincare, look no further. You will thank me in the end. I can not express this enough. Truthfully, she is a rock star and elevates the industry tenfold by her ability to problem solve your issue and not only that provide you gentle nurturing and loving care that is rare today. My only wish is that she was back in the United States, I have yet to find ANYONE who comes close to her talents and more importantly integrity in her profession. She deserves 5 stars hands down. Enjoy all!

Brenda S, Massaschusetts, USA
ArteBella client

Anita is a fabulous aesthetician and has knowledge well beyond her years. All you have to do is look at her skin! She is immaculate, educated and very very knowledgeable.

Colleen Will, Arizona, USA

Anita is gifted! Her understanding of all skin types and issues from teens to mature skin issues is truly extensive. I have never had better results over the years with any other aesthetician. I highly recommend her.

Tyla Portnoy, Arizona, USA
ArteBella client

Great news that Anita has opened this skin care clinic. I have known her for many years and am confident that she will provide the best service available. Congratulations!!

David Watson, USA
Founder of Biomedic (La Roche Posay), CO-founder Philosophy and CO-founder of GlowBiotics Advance Probiotic Skincare. Mr. Watson received the Presidential Award for Distinguished Service by the Society of Plastic Surgical Skin Care Specialists

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