The CryoPen removes cosmetic skin imperfections easily, quickly and effectively. The ideal treatment for removing warts, pigment and age spots, fibroids and many more minor skin imperfections.

The CryoPen has immediately available freezing power, works to the nearest millimeter and prevents damage to healthy tissue.


During the treatment the condition is frozen and the surrounding tissue is not affected. However, this can slightly red. A few days after the treatment, a dark discolouration or scab is created, which will fall off automatically after about a week. It is important that you do not scratch the crust and that the crust remains dry for a nice wound healing. Under the crust appears new, healthy skin that in the beginning is still (pink) in color. In the course of time, the skin colors.

Treatments with the CryoPen are virtually painless. Because the CryoPen blows with high pressure, in contrast to the old-fashioned nitrogen treatment, it can be treated deeper without damaging the surrounding tissue.

Advantages of the CryoPen

  • Easy and short treatment
  • Many places can be treated in a short time
  • Precise treatment on the millimeter accurate
  • No surrounding skin is treated
  • No scar formation
  • No surgery
  • Incomparable freezing power

Before / After