D.A.S. Medical

D.A.S. Plasma is the latest and completely safe method of aesthetic and dermatological treatments for skin aging and skin irregularities.

What is D.A.S. Plasma?

D.A.S. Plasma is a revolutionary technology that uses long wave radio frequency. The system creates a plasma effect and treats the skin without damaging the surrounding tissue.

Plasma is also called the 4th matter form (in addition to solid, liquid and gas)
It is an ionized gas, a collection of high-quality reactive electrons and ions, collectively neutral, within which ions can move freely.

D.A.S. is not a laser, no electrocoagulation, no radiofrequency device, DAS is a high quality PLASMA generator, the gold standard for PLASMA treatment

Treatment method

With a Dermo Ablation treatment, the skin is treated with plasma on a small scale. Without direct contact with the skin, there is a small arc with charged plasma that touches the skin point by point.

Through a series of touches the skin fibers immediately contract and create a lifting effect.

A treatment with plasma simultaneously ensures biostimulation in the deeper skin layers. This stimulates the production of collagen and elastin fibers. This effect in combination with the restructuring of the connective tissue, gives an extra boost in firmness and volume and the treated areas.

The controlled layer by layer technique removes superficial layers of skin with great precision without damaging surrounding tissues. This makes the recovery time short. An anesthetic cream is used in places where the skin is sensitive.
D.A.S. Plasma is a completely safe method and is suitable for every skin type.


D.A.S. Plasma is an excellent alternative for various minimally invasive surgical procedures such as:

  • non-surgical eyelid corrections
  • wrinkle fading
  • skin tightening
  • crow’s feet
  • lines around the mouth
  • pigmentation spots, birthmarks
  • skin straps
  • scars
  • pigmentation spots
  • epidermal naevus
  • epidermal lesions
  • old age warts fibroids
  • benign skin-colored bumps
  • enlarged sebaceous glands
  • bumps around the eyelids
  • xanthalasma
  • hemangiomas

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