Plant Protein Bundle





Take your fitness (and health) to the next level with our high-quality plant protein powders.

Each mix contains 9g protein per 15g serving and only 5-6 organic ingredients (and without stevia or fillers), making them the cleanest plant protein powders you’ll find.

Whether you want to increase your athletic performance or increase your metabolism, this bundle is an easy way to add high-quality protein to your daily routine.

This Protein Bundle includes:

  • Muscle Power mix: For Energy
  • Skinny Protein mix: For Healthy Weight
  • Chocolate Protein mix: For Brain Health
  • Powered By Plants e-book featuring 45+ recipes (€19.90)
  • Fitness Guide — includes Kristel & Michael’s 7-day workout schedule (€9.90)
  • 22 oz white shaker bottle (€29.90)